Emma Kinni's feature film debut


Miracle Grow is produced by Miracle Grow Pictures Ltd


Miracle Grow is the exciting directorial feature film debut by Emma Kinni, written by Genevieve Ewing. The film will be shot in June 2012, and aimed to release in early 2013. The team is currently in search for funding. If you want to help us, please see the sponsor page and contact details.



“Miracle Grow is a sporadic, paranoid jump into the spaced out world of legal drug culture.”

Adam White



Twenty-something Sofia Smith defines the concept of escapism through indulgence in a cocktail of the recently illegal Mephedrone and booze. In a surrealistic dark comedy setting, she tries to break free from the 24/7 party people and the mad bubble she has been swallowed up in.


Target Festivals

Raindance Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival (BUFF), London Independent Film Festival, London Underground Film Festival, London Lift-Off Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Los Angeles Underground Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival.